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Rodent Control In The Washington Metropolitan Area

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Rodents are pests that almost everyone will have to deal with at one point or another. They are some of the most common pests to get into homes in the Washington Metropolitan Area, and they are also some of the worst because of the damage and health problems they can cause. If your family experiences a rodent infestation, the temptation may be there to set out a few traps or run to the animal shelter to adopt a cat; however, these rodent control methods are unlikely to fix the problem, at least not entirely.

Instead, you need the help of the professionals at Pestechs. We have over 20 years of experience dealing with rodent infestations, as well as other common pests in the area. We know what causes them, what to do to eliminate them, and what is necessary to prevent them. Our services are thorough and include our reservice guarantee. We'll perform the work required to fully eliminate your rodent infestation so that your family can live in a safe and healthy home.

Rodent Control From Pestechs

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When it comes to effective rodent control, the inspection is just as important as the treatment. We must identify how the rodents are getting into your house, where they're spending time, and what areas they've damaged in order to provide the services necessary to eliminate them from your home and ensure the protection of your property in the future.

We will look for any signs of a rodent infestation during our inspection, including droppings and urine, rub marks, gnaw marks, and more. We'll also look for points of entry, including air vents, dryer vents, cracks and crevices, doorways, holes or rotted areas in walls, garage entries, utility entry points, and more. Because rodents can slip through a hole the size of a dime, we are careful to perform our inspection with the utmost attention to detail, so we don't miss any potential problem areas.

Our treatment of your home will be based on the findings of our inspection. We use various methods to treat a rodent infestation, with the final result always being the full elimination of your infestation and the prevention of a future infestation. After our inspection, we'll develop a treatment plan and go over it with you before we begin. We treat interior and exterior locations for the best results.

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Rodents are bad news for any home they enter. Their destructive chewing and ability to spread diseases make them a danger to everyone in your house. Protect your home and family with help from Pestechs home pest control service. We are a family-owned business that takes pride in helping protect other families from various pest problems with services like our bed bug control, cockroach control, and termite control. To learn more about our rodent control services or to request your free quote, contact us today.

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