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Is DIY Termite Control Worth The Time And Hassle In Bethesda?

March 15, 2023 - Termites

Homeowners often notice the presence of small, ant-like insects known as termites within their homes or other structures on their properties. Termites are problematic pests that primarily consume cellulose, a fibrous substance found in wood, cardboard, and similar materials. Termites benefit the environment by breaking down dead trees and other vegetation, which returns nutrients to the soil; however, estimates suggest that termites create several billion dollars in annual property damage across the U.S. 

Is termite damage covered by insurance? In most cases, property insurance policies will contain a clause that specifically excludes termite-related damage from coverage. The majority of newly constructed homes receive “pre-treatment” for termites; however, these properties often become increasingly vulnerable to termite invasions years later. 

Eastern subterranean termites that construct underground nests are the primary species found in this region. The workers of a termite colony remain very active, measure roughly ¼ of an inch long, have six legs and two antennae, and appear in cream or somewhat translucent colors. 

Have termites invaded a part of your property? A Bethesda pest control company like Pestechs maintains knowledge of how to get rid of subterranean termites. We will also assist with identifying other existing property conditions that might attract these wood-destroying creatures.

How Can I Tell If I Have A Termite Problem?

Are you wondering how to spot termite damage on your Bethesda property? Look for some of the following common indicators of termite activity: 

  • Some of the most likely targeted areas of a home include walls, floors, window frames, and structural support beams. 
  • Look for blistering paint or peeling wallpaper on interior walls that often indicate signs of termite activity.
  • Walls, doors, or other surfaces might sound “hollow,” and floors often become increasingly “creaky” sounding. 
  • During the spring months, winged reproductive termite “swarmers” might appear congregating around the premises. 
  • Shifts within wooden structures often make opening or closing windows and doors more difficult.

Are termites in Bethesda dangerous creatures? Termites pose a very minimal direct health risk to humans; however, termites often target water-damaged wood that might contain harmful mold that could negatively impact indoor air quality. 

How Termite Activity Can Go Unnoticed For Some Time

Termites often initially erode wood from the interior, meaning that homeowners might not recognize these pests for weeks or months. Further, subterranean termites usually form thin tunnels or mud tubes that allow for quiet traveling to and from their underground nests.

Both of these problems mean that you may only realize that you have a termite problem once your home has a steep and costly amount of damage. That’s why getting your house checked by the experts is a good idea.   

Are DIY Termite Control Methods Effective?

How to treat subterranean termites using do-it-yourself home treatment options? Homeowners in Bethesda often mistakenly purchase termite control products from online retailers and local home improvement stores. Some of these mass-marketed options, such as foams or powders, generate only very mediocre, short-term results that prove insufficient against moderate or severe infestations involving termites. 

Most local property owners make substantial investments of money, time, and other resources toward their homes. Therefore, promptly seeking assistance from a licensed home pest control professional is typically the best course of action instead of attempting do-it-yourself efforts that could prolong the problem. 

Professional Termite Control Offers Lasting Protection For Your Home

The team of experts with Pestechs receives training regarding the behavior of the different kinds of termites that damage Bethesda area homes and know how to stop termites from eroding wooden parts of a structure. After receiving an inquiry, we will deploy a technician that visits the property and performs a detailed inspection, which involves looking for any signs of termites in hard-to-reach areas. Our specialist will answer any questions that arise and explain the best available termite treatment option

Keep in mind that we provide treatment for a host of other undesirable pests, including bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents, and others that may pose health risks. Contact us today for assistance.