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Bed Bug Control In The Washington Metropolitan Area

Why The Washington Metropolitan Area Is Overrun With Bed Bug Activity

Recent studies show that bed bugs are infesting U.S. homes faster than ever before. More than one in five Americans have experienced an infestation within the past year or know someone struggling to get rid of them. Although these pests are not known for their ability to spread illness or diseases, they have the innate ability to stain fabrics and upholstery, cause secondary infections, and eliminate your ability to simply relax.

At Pestechs, we provide a comprehensive bed bug treatment program that protects homes in the Washington Metropolitan Area, and destroys infestations at the source.

The Pestechs Bed Bug Treatment Process

With years of experience in the bed bug control industry, Pestechs is the Washington Metropolitan Area’s go-to bed bug management, treatment, and prevention provider. We rely on a three-step protection program that is guaranteed to remove noxious bed bugs within a few simple treatments.

  1. We begin by inspecting the entire property for the signs and symptoms of bed bugs. Cutting edge technology will allow us to identify the approximate number of pests in question, as well as their hot zones. 
  2. We perform our treatment applications in a way that protects everything you love, from pets and family members to precious heirlooms and furniture. We pledge to treat your home as though it were our own. 
  3. Bed bug treatments from Pestechs come with a satisfaction guarantee. We will treat any further pest activity within our warranty period at no extra cost!

Call today to schedule your first ever bed bug appointment.

Ways To Keep Your Home Safe After A Treatment

After your home has received bed bug treatments, it will be vital to maintain its long-term safety with appropriate prevention steps. Refer to the list of vetted tips below.

  • Reduce household moisture levels with a dehumidifier
  • Wash all clothing on high heat after returning from trips or vacations
  • Be cautious about purchasing secondhand items from unknown sources
  • Keep your home as clean and sterile as possible

For additional bed bug control tips or to schedule your initial appointment, contact Pestechs as soon as possible.

Pestechs Is Ready To Provide Bed Bug Control At A Glance

With decades of experience in the bed bug control industry, the professional group at Pestechs has everything you need to defend, treat, and restore your home after a bed bug infestation. Our unique solutions were designed with you in mind, carefully creating a bubble of protection around you, your family, and all your loved ones.

Book a time for your first bed bug inspection by submitting our online contact form. Questions? Feel free to call our office directly. We also offer cockroach control, rodent control, and termite control services, so make sure you contact us today with any of your pest problems.