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Arlington, VA Pest Control

Safe Pest Control In The Washington Metropolitan Area

With scenic views of the Potomac River, the city of Arlington is a destination for individuals and families who seek a daily life that blends the urban and suburban experience. Arlington is home to government agencies like The Pentagon, excellent public schools, restaurants for every appetite, parks galore, and bike paths for outside activity. The area is also home to temperate seasonal conditions and a mobile community, both of which can spread pest problems no matter the time of year.

For reliable and safe pest control, turn to Pestechs. We provide pest control in the Washington metropolitan area that keeps homes protected from pests 365 days a year. We utilize Integrated Pest Management methods in order to gain a total understanding of your property and design custom treatments that address each need of your home. And with unparalleled customer support and a pest-free guarantee, we look to restore your peace of mind with every step. To learn more about our services, contact us today and schedule your free, no-obligation inspection.

Residential Pest Control In Arlington, VA

When pest problems happen in your Arlington home, they can be dangerous, damaging, and stressful. At Pestechs, we work to help homeowners through this tedious process with residential pest control that is equally safe and reliable. With an emphasis on Integrated Pest Management, we bring local homes the industry’s gold standard. This system understands both the environmental and biological factors that surround your home and allows us to create customized treatments with this information. Your residential pest control journey with us begins with a scrupulous inspection of your entire property, from harborage areas to basements and kitchens. From there, we’ll discuss your pest control goals and implement safe treatments to both the interior and exterior of your property. With routine maintenance on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis, we’re able to keep our pest-free guarantee and restore your peace of mind. Whether you require corrective services or want to take proactive steps, Pestechs can find a solution for you. To learn more about our services, contact us today.

All The Problems Bed Bugs Can Cause In Your Arlington Home

Bed bugs are parasitical hitchhikers that latch onto personal belongings and go for a free ride right into your home. From there, they hide out of sight from humans but cause serious issues in the process. Here are some of the problems that bed bugs can cause in your Arlington home:

  • Secondary skin infections like impetigo and ecthyma
  • Allergic reactions, and in the most severe cases, anaphylaxis
  • Mental health issues like stress and anxiety 

Bed bugs can prove very difficult to get rid of because of the size of their infestations and the hidden nature of where they live. For all of your bed bug control needs, trust Pestechs. Contact us today for more information on bed bug control services that will work for you. 

The Secret To Effective Cockroach Control In Arlington

Cockroaches scamper around Arlington homes infecting your food with harmful bacteria, wreaking havoc on your health. Attracting cockroaches is also a lot easier than homeowners would be led to believe. They seek food and water sources, so things like dirty dishes piled up in the sink or a leaky faucet are not only enough to make your home attractive to cockroaches but to also keep them around. Once cockroaches have taken up shelter in your home, they can prove very difficult to get rid of. These pests breed rapidly, reach maturation very quickly, and have a very hard exterior, making them difficult to crush. But perhaps one of the biggest issues with cockroaches is that the most commonly found species, the German cockroach, is developing a cross-resistance to many over-the-counter pesticides. That’s why the secret to cockroach control is with professional assistance from Pestechs. We utilize Integrated Pest Management methods to create long-lasting change in safe ways and prevent these pests from developing an infestation in your home. For more information on cockroach control, contact us today.

Six Signs Your Arlington Home May Have A Termite Problem

Termites are one of the most costly and disastrous pests that Arlington homeowners can expect to encounter. They eat at the wood around your property 24/7, which is how the average termite problem costs around $3,000 to rectify. This magnitude of damage is allowed to occur because termites inflict damage on the hard-to-reach or hard-to-see areas of your home, from the foundation to your walls. Here are six telltale signs that you might have a termite problem:

  1. The presence of mud tubes or mazes
  2. Termite swarmers themselves
  3. Swollen ceilings
  4. Windows and doors that won’t close properly
  5. Buckling floors
  6. Hollow-sounding walls

For termite control that keeps your home protected throughout the year, turn to Pestechs. We utilize safe methods and products and coupled with close monitoring, we’ll be able to keep termites away all year long. To learn more about our termite control options, contact us today.